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Is dance even a sport? The majority of people ask this question but don’t actually know the answer, all they know is that dance is known as an “art” form. Perhaps the question should more importantly be, should dance be considered as a sport? Now I know you're probably thinking but how can it be? It doesn’t involve any equipment, a pitch or the other elements that are considered a factor that make up a sport. So we wanted to put it to the test...

The Rugby Team here at Wisbech Grammer School are not only enthusiastic about the game but also passionate about the other sports practiced within the school, so we thought why not involve the Rugby Players in a dance lesson! My name is Lois Slingsby, I’m a full time dance teacher at Studio 19 and also teach at various schools within the week. I caught up with the head of the Rugby Team to arrange the dance lesson. While we both discussed what a great experience it would be for them, we also really felt that not only would this dance lesson give them a taste of the skills needed to be a dancer (just like any sport does), but also show others at the school that if the Rugby Team are dancing..then they can too!

Looking back over the year teaching at the school, I’ve realised that not only is it important to be training the pupils in dance but also in their confidence. I’ve encouraged all of the pupils I teach to embrace what’s great about themselves, while also teaching them how to use that to it’s full potential, not just in my dance classes but within their day to day lives too! All of the pupils have really progressed within the year with their flexibility, strength and technique and I’ve seen great results. I can’t wait for the commencing year as I have lots planned, which I’m sure they are also excited for! Stay tuned....

By Lois Slingsby

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