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Dance your way to better health & wellbeing at Studio 19

"Both music and exercise help prevent and alleviate disease. Fusing the two may have even greater benefits than either alone"

This quote was taken from a harvard medical study proving that dance has a profound effect on our health and wellbeing.

Studio 19 was started with the view of becoming a wellbeing center, this vision is slowly moving closer and closer to becoming reality. As professional dancers we felt first hand the positive effects of involvement in dance and the arts, from enhanced physical health and ability, mental strength and strong social bonds to name a few.

With the addition of a healthy diet and real support from teachers, friends & family we believe we can give our students an opportunity to walk into adulthood with a toolbox of knowledge and techniques to help them reach their full potential in what ever they decide to do later on in life.

Studio 19 is built on encouragement and inspiration. As a young dancer I was constantly inspired by other male dancers in the studio and on the stage that kept me pushing for what I knew I was capable of. What many of you don't know is that my professional training was not smooth sailing. I was accepted into Central School of Ballet as a wild card and was basically on probation on a term by term basis. If I didn't show I could keep up I would be asked to leave, this wasn't a pleasant experience when it came to assessment time but I kept pushing and kept my place within the school.

During my training I worked at Sadlers Wells Theatre, one of the perks of this job was that I could see all shows there for £1, this was one of the things that kept me going and improving. Inspiration is key, I was inspired on a daily basis by my class mates (as they were all alot better than me), my teachers and the dancers I would watch on stage at Sadlers Wells.

After 3 years of grueling training I left school with 3 job offers and went on to have a successful career, achieving almost all of my dance ambitions. Inspiration is the most powerful tool I had to get me to this place.

The further I made it in my career the more aware I became of the need to look after my body more.

Dance gives you an incredible awareness of your body and with this awareness comes a responsibility to seek out ways to look after it as best as possible. For me the better I became as a dancer the more aware of my body's needs and how much care I needed to show it to reach the ability to work at a higher level each day.

Here is a short list of areas that I believe will enhance everyone's life if you impliment even small changes.




Sunlight exposure



There have been many studies done to prove that participation in dance enhances you sence of wellbeing. For me it has gone much further that that, as it has given me a greater appreciation for my body's capabilities and my capabilities as a person. This is what has lead me to persue my ability to repay my body for the incredible job it does in helping me reach my goals.

In my next few blogs I will offer up small changes you can impliment to give back to your body to help it help you achieve your goals.

Keep working towards bettering yourself and know that here at Studio 19 we care about every individual that walks through the door and want to help you all achieve the greatness you are capable of.

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