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    Dancers will have a comprehensive timetable and partake in all dance disciplines throughout the year including commercial dance, jazz, musical theatre, ballet, contemporary, tap, and choreography as well as supportive practices like aerial and acrobatics The units assessed in year one are: Exploring performance styles Creating performance material Performing as a dancer as part of an ensemble Planning a career in the industry
    As with year one, there will continue to be an array of dance lessons in all dance disciplines throughout the year to continue with training and development. Year two also involves students working on their own personal profile as well as collaborating with others to develop and produce their own project. The assessed units in year two are as follows: Using development plans to refine skills Producing a personal project Using material for self-promotion and networking Undertaking a defined creative or administrative role Using creative collaboration to develop a project Producing a collaborative project
    Successful dance audition and GCSE Maths and English at level 4 or above is preferred however there is opportunity for these two subjects to be re-studied at the college if not achieved. This course is for dancers that wish to fine tune their skills to the level needed to succeed in the dance industry. We endeavour to prepare dancers with the foundation needed to enjoy a successful career in the industry.
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